Guide to generate QR Code with video step by step
Guide to generate QR Code with video
  • 1 Type QR Code's title, for example: "My QR Code"
  • 2 Choose template, for example: "Personal"
  • 3 Upload your multimedia content: for example: video (product presentations, virtual projects, videoguides, videoclips, ...)
    mp4, ogg, ogv
    You can upload multiple media
  • 4 Change the text of the template, edit your content: resize, drag, delete, ...
  • 5 Click SAVE to generate Multimedia QR Code
    If your QR Code not receive views in one year, maybe it can be deleted.
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Create dynamic QR Code with video

mp4 ogg ogv
You can optionally choose a template and/or upload your content and/or edit text
Choose template
UPLOAD video
You can also upload audio, image and document
Click  Save  to save and generate QR Code
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QR Code
To edit color, background, add logo, ...
You can open the QR with your image editor!